There is only one science and that’s Quantum Science ~ “Everything is nothing but Energy”

Many today believe that who they’re is the inherent heredity. Who they are is because of the characteristic/the code their gene carries. Yes, appearance proves that the blue eyes, the black hair, the tall physique etc are all a part of their genes but their behavior isn’t. The double helix DNA isn’t responsible for how the blue eyes see the world. The genetic code isn’t responsible for the black hair to remain healthier forever. DNA is also not responsible for how one feels because of the tall or the short physique. Then what is it that defines the characteristics, the behavior, the health, etc of an individual and his life. It is Epigenetics – Above Genes. Epi – Above. There’s something that is responsible for the way “A Gene Behaves”. And that’s “Our Environment”. The Environment within which a Gene lives & duplicates itself is responsible for every part of who we are.

The environment does not consist of only the food, water and air that the body needs. The environment is also in terms of how we think, how we feel, how we sense and how we perceive life as. Every thought that passes by our mind, either elevates or demotes our consciousness. Every thought carries its own emotion. Each emotion that we go through raises a feeling within. And the way we feel defines the quality of our life. It is not the external environment that is responsible for our happiness. It is the environment that we create for ourselves that is responsible for our happiness. The conscious activity of the mind doesn’t allow one to think wise and perceive life the way it is. It thinks the way it wants to. The need is to realize and consider to take some effort to consciously “change our thinking pattern & perceptions”. Sound Healing is the highest form of Energy Healing available to mankind. Sound is the highest form of energy. Beyond Sound is the space of nothingness. Sound & Vibration helps one’s consciousness elevate by releasing all the negative thoughts and attacking emotions that no longer serve any purpose in living a peaceful and a happier life.

When sounds in the form of singing bowls, gong, tuning forks or verbal chants are played by a master ~ with all his awareness upon his breath ~ one experiences a state of calmness. Slowly his brain waves alter from the state of beta deeper into the state of theta and delta. It is the deepest meditative state that an individual experiences thereby automatically releasing all the unwanted thoughts and its energies. There are no instructions or the suggestions given to the experience. It’s purely the Sound that is working upon his consciousness. It is the journey from the acoustics to Nãda. Nãda is the subtle silent vibration which is the sound of the universe itself. Nãda isn’t heard with the conscious mind on. It resides. It is always there. It resides within everyone. It is the vibration upon which consciousness resides. It is that vibration which detaches oneself from all the blocking beliefs and attaches him to nothingness. It is the vibration that lets an individual live life in this present moment, in this very here & now. And when one connects himself to his Nãda, everything else falls into Rhythm. And who doesn’t wish to fall into the rhythm? The world and its beliefs keep us away from our own Nãda and that’s what creates disturbances. Connection with the Nãda assures life with love and compassion. The detachment with our own Nãda is because of the influence of people, culture, media & conventional education. No school teaches to take care of our thoughts. No education system today teaches to think wise. Every school, college teaches to be competitive. Neither do our parents ever teach us to take care of our emotions. Have you ever heard any parent/or an adult teaching a child to change his perception to change his life? People, my dear readers, take this as an opportunity to first change your perception towards your life and then help the next generation before you. Realize and take up the responsibility to release all those negative thoughts within you.

The Migraine that you go through, the inherent Diabetes within the family etc is all psychosomatic. It is your belief that these are genetic. There is no need to suffer anymore. Your beliefs can change the destiny of our life. Take Charge of Your Life.

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life said Dr Bruce Lipton. When I used to think about co-creating a brighter life, I would often think of doing something that I have never done in my life. And that something that comes from my core. Holding this idea of doing something close to my heart, I began with understanding “The Sound World”(please don’t misunderstand it as Sound Therapy). The sound world is made up of peace, calmness, happiness & the most important state that is the state of inner stillness. It is a state that keeps you still and balanced. Once I achieved this inner stillness, Sounds(as a therapeutic tool) automatically started happening to/with me. That’s when I began learning Sounds from all possible dimensions. Exploring sounds from various dimensions, I realized that Sound as a therapeutic tool has no structure. The theory upon which Sound is based is the physics, the science but the way sound works and the way sound heals is mysterious.