1:1 Consultation

As a Sound Practitioner or an alternative therapist, my job is to bring balance and harmony to one’s life. Healing is subjective. I do not heal. I provide tools and techniques and a safe environment filled with Sounds where an individual surrenders self to experience the joy of living in this present moment in Awareness. It is in Awareness that an individual can witness his past patterns thereby dropping them to change.

Various sound instruments are played as per the client’s issue to distress and to ease the pain. An individual experiences a deep meditative state by emptying his mind, balancing his emotions and raising the energy within. Sound is a form of energy used widely to heal various psychosomatic diseases. When pure kansa made singing bowls are played, the vibrations penetrate deep within the physical body and affect each and every cell. From plasma to cytoplasmic fluid, to tissues, each and every part of our body is affected. These vibrations are higher in their vibratory level that the diseased organ hence the toxins from the organ are released.

The sound of the bowls and the gongs are deep and intense and have the ability to alter the brain wave state thereby altering the state of consciousness. It isn’t about easing the pain and releasing the toxicity from our life, it is about experiencing the SILENCE, thereby the CHANGED SELF.

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“Connect with the sounds within”