Becoming Sound

– Through The Lens of Sound

This signature workshop from Sound Healing India aims at providing you a good foundation to your journey to awareness through sounds.

Becoming Sound is a workshop to help you :-

  • Identify your own self
  • Know yourself better
  • Accept who you are
  • Acknowledge, surrender to let go & forgive
  • Balance & harmonize emotions
  • Connect better with life thus connect with your own self
  • Bring harmony in relations
  • Release unnecessary stress, anxiety, worry & controlling nature
  • Bring harmony in relations
  • Heal Yourself to Transform Yourself

Duration – 10 days

This session is being conducted online due to the pandemic – an hour + everyday.
Full payment to be made in advance & is non-refundable. In any case if you’re unable to attend any of the days, you can always join in the next course at no extra cost.

Facilitator : Mrs. Priyanka Jay Patel

Curriculum :

  • Nãda
  • Anahata – The Frequency
  • States of Nãda
  • Sound as a healing tool – Kansa Se Nãda
  • Use of voice as a healing tool
  • Visualization + Sound
  • Bringing in harmony between the relationship
  • Release unnecessary stress, anxiety, worry & controlling nature
  • Sound & it’s effect on Brain
  • Sound & Chakras
  • Becoming Sound Thus Becoming You
  • Singing Bowl & it’s profound uses to heal self

Sounds For Organization

Practice of sound to reach a meditative state, to let go of all worries, to release fears, to release negativity has been a ritual in almost all the religions. Sounds in the form of syllables are chanted to silence the chaos in the mind. Sound Healing India brings the scientific approach towards practicing sounds in a very different and in the most effective way to the corporate world.

Use of Singing Bowls, Gong and Verbal Chants (Non-religious) are the ways to practice sound in a group for corporate wellness sound therapy.

The outcomes of these sessions are to :-

  • Release Stress Instantly
  • Bring our wandering mind to calmness
  • Reduce Anxiety, Insecurity
  • Boost confidence
  • Raise consciousness
  • Bring balance within personal & professional life
  • Restore Immunity there by Health
  • Release unnecessary stress, anxiety, worry & controlling nature
  • Bring harmony in relations

Amongst the interest shown towards this change, our past clients, BPCL, CIMB, INFOSYS, GROUPM, MSCI, ThyssenKrupp, Twitter, Wework, Cowrks, and many others have experienced the benefits of “Sound” and have helped their employees overcome their lifestyle issues.

The format of the session is highly interactive and experiential and includes:-

  • Group Session for close to 30-35 people
  • Sound Bath with Singing Bowls & Gong
  • Breath work
  • Verbal Chants

Follow up sessions can be arranged for those who are interested and willing to work upon their personal issues.

These sessions benefit employees in helping them overcome their personal issues, health concerns, confidence issues, self-esteem, and self-worth issues – leading to renewed energy at the workplace!
Results from various sessions conducted for people from all walks of life, from various countries, different cultures, and different ages have confirmed that restoring emotional imbalance brings overall development, makes an individual live a happier and a healthier life.


Sound Therapy For Children

Children respond to sounds beautifully and we have seen that exposing children to harmonious sounds has been extremely beneficial. We have witnessed changes in their behavior patterns, alterations in the way they handle emotions, accepting themselves, relationships and peers etc. The approach is to help the child accept himself completely.

Chanting Children is a program to help children with :-

  • Emotional and Behavioral imbalances
  • ADD/ADHD conditions
  • Anger and Anxiety issues
  • Low self confidence
  • Fear & Phobia
  • Autism

All Night Sound Bath

All Night Sound Bath is an exclusive event planned and conducted by Sound Healing India’s expanded family. This is one event where not only Priyanka, but all her students play their Sounds. It is one of the most awaited events of the year. During which all the Sound Enthusiasts play their Sound Instruments masterfully to create a Sound space within which participants dive deeper into the realm of stillness.

Playing of the sounds continues throughout the night while all the participants get bathed in the sacred vibrations of various Sound instruments. An ultimate experience to rejuvenate & revive from the lifestyle stress. Priyanka invites her expanded Sound family and encourages them to join her, participate and to facilitate Sound Bath along with fellow Sound Enthusiasts.

Facilitators – Ms. Shubha Shetty, Ms. Aarti Desai, Ms. Jyothika Goradia, Ms. Juilee Iyer, Ms. Karuna Kapil and Ms. Priyanka Patel

“Connect with the sounds within”