Mental, Emotional & Physical Health(MH, EH & PH)

While the whole world holds grudges against covid, a part of me is very very thankful for the lockdown to happen. Please know that a part of me also understands the grief that many of you have gone through.
I feel grateful for the whole human community for we, collectively have started to ponder & understand the meaning and the importance of mental health.
MH & EH are as important as physical health. In fact, our physical health largely depends upon our mental & emotional state.
Sleeplessness, Insomnia, Irritability, frustration, sparks of uncontrollable anger, fear, anxiety etc are a few most commonly observed emotions in people today. There are many reason behind why people are stressed & mentally unstable today and one of which primarily is the least importance given to EH & MH.
Here are few ways that can help us take care of our EH & MH just like our PH

  • Thought for mind is like Food for gut. Evaluate the quality of your thought by keeping all the judgements aside. Observe if there are any kind of thoughts repeating & creating a pattern. Make a note of it.
  • Every time you observe this pattern repeating, Inhale & Exhale deeply until that chain of thought dissipates. Listening to any kind of calming, meditative music helps while deep breathing.
  • When emotionally low, singing helps. Don’t just listen to your favourite music but sing along. Singing not only distracts the mind from the ongoing emotions but does release the stress around the heart & calms us down easily.
  • Try following 5 minute silence rule. Stay silent inside out for 5 minutes in a day to begin with and gradually increase the minutes. Silence helps gain mental clarity.
  • Communicate with your friends/family if there’s any disturbing emotion. Keeping it to self & trying to solve it on our own doesn’t make us brave rather sharing it with our closest person helps resolve it faster. It is just the support that we need sometimes which makes life easier. Suppressing feelings is harmful. Sharing indeed is caring. Where there is a problem, there indeed is a solution.
  • Sound sleep is one of the most important factor for our overall well-being. Maintain a healthy sleeping pattern. Sleeping & waking up at the same time everyday is the key towards overall well-being.
  • Being thankful for all that we have, forgiveness & letting go do help. Easy to say but harder to follow. However surrendering to the higher self & operating from that state is a key to solve a lot of problems in life.
  • Seek help from a professional therapist. Therapists helps in a non judgmental, non biased way with all their heart. They are trained by oath to operate from a non judgmental perspective towards life.

Hope the above few points suggested help our readers to take care of themselves mentally & emotionally. Make your MH & EH a regime just like your PH.

Do take care of yourselves for you’re only one & your world that comprises of your people needs nothing less & nothing more than YOU !!