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Testimonials & Recommendation

I have been associated with Priyanka Patel and sounds for a while now. During this sound journey, I have experienced tremendous growth with her in understanding sounds at a much deeper and authentic level.
Her simplicity yet in-depth study of self and sound brings about great wisdom in her workshops.

Always allowing her students to probe and become curious instead of being in agreement and accepting of what is being said. Her seriousness on the study of sounds is seen in her passion while playing the singing bowls and gongs. Her workshops and personal sessions now include the deeper science of family constellations which brings about intense diagnostics to follow up with sound therapy. As a therapist, she is extremely compassionate yet firm. A rare and natural ability to do the case study brings about precise diagnosis which then helps her clients resolve their emotional and energy body issues with ease.

Having pursued a career as a sound practitioner she has learnt from many great masters and teachers, yet deriving her own conclusions with her understanding of the subject, makes her a confident therapist who can debate openly with her masters on the science of sound.
It’s been an amazing journey of sounds, sensibilities, sharing and silence with her

MS. Punita Kadam, A Sound Practitioner and an Awareness Through Body Facilitator

I have been interested in sound as a source of healing and therapy for a long time, but never really ventured into it. By some divine stroke of luck, I happened to attend one of Priyanka’s first online classes and it blew my mind. Priyanka made the most complex concepts seem so simple, and yet insisted in consistent practice and dedication.

A month later, I approached Priyanka to help me resolve multiple issues and yet again, through little cues, family constellation exercises, and simple chants, Priyanka was able to instill a sense of putting clues together to solve a larger puzzle at a deeper level. This is characteristic of Priyanka – simplicity that strikes deep.

Her workshops are amazingly structured, have immense benefits all participants feel during the workshop itself, hold a beautiful energy space, and opens you to a world you were hitherto unaware of!
Today, I am an ardent student of sound and the silence between sounds – where everything arises from in gorgeous possibility and abundance.

MS. Kaira, an Enterpreneur